Essential Oils saved my day

Yesterday I was definitely thanking God for blessing us with nature and all of it’s healing benefits, especially for essential oils. An oil is “essential” in the sense that it carries a distinctive scent, or essence, of the plant and each of them have properties that aid in specific ailments and injuries (and no, I am not a sales rep for any essential oils).

My daughter caught a head cold (yes, in August) and had a low-grade fever all day yesterday. I turned to my trusted peppermint oil and applied a few drops to her feet 3x throughout the day. It helps control the fever and applying it to her feet is a quick way for her body to absorb the peppermint’s healing properties. A small bit under her nose and on her chest had her breathing easy through nap time.

While playing soccer with her yesterday afternoon barefoot in the grass, I stepped on a bee and got stung right on the arch of my foot. I never remember a bee sting hurting that bad – my whole foot started swelling and I thought it was on fire! Remembering that lavendar is great for bug bites, I applied a couple of drops to the area and not even 30 minutes later, the swelling went down and the stinging was almost gone. By the evening, I couldn’t even tell I had been bitten!

Ah, the wonderful benefits of nature – I love it.

P.S. – we have a couple of house showings scheduled so please say a prayer that the right person comes through our door today!  We’re getting anxious to get our home sold and I am really getting tired of cleaning, haha.



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