Hello Sunshine & A Bucket of Treasures

Hello sunshine!

Northeast Ohio has be plagued with literally 16 days of straight rain, thunderstorms, heavy humidity and plain crappy weather. Which course means using my imagination and finding plenty of indoor activities to keep my busy-body toddler entertained – puzzles, painting, music, play-doh and lots of books. Yesterday we spend our afternoon in the basement when tornado warnings were issued all along the lake coast. It was quite the adventure for my tots.

But today is gorgeous…we woke up to clear air, blue skies and sunshine! We went on a quiet walk in the metropark early this morning, a perk of my kids being up at 7am every day, where my daughter collected plenty of treasures – leaves, sticks, nuts and pieces of bark. She put them in her green bucket and carried them around the trail like they were just priceless to her. So sweet. We watched a daddy long-leg spider crawl along the weeds. We touched the soft moss growing on the side of the trees. We watched the extremely high river rushing under the bridge – a rare site in the park. We listened to the birds singing and tried to find them amongst the trees. It was a refreshing morning and I could tell she was excited to just be outside, as was I.

Enjoy the beautiful day and fresh air in your lungs, friends…it really is a gift from God!

PS – my apologies for the highly confused ramblings from Tuesday. I’m such a planner in life and these last 6-months, I’m not used to not knowing what comes next. It can be so scary.  But I have realized that’s half the fun in life – not knowing and just going where God leads me! These past couple of days have entailed much brainstorming, planning and ideas and I’m SO excited for what’s in store for me! Sometimes a little venting can go a long way for my mental health 🙂

That Einstein, I think he’s onto something…




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