Why is everything so confusing all of the sudden?

I am in a transition period in my life. When thinking about what’s next, I am keeping focused on my overall goal:

To create a wholesome, God-centered home for my family that is focused on simple, mindful and sustainable living.

I’ve been working just part-time 2 days a week for over two years to raise my children and it has been the very best thing I’ve done. But I’m done having babies for a long time and now I’m not sure what’s next for me in life…mostly career-wise but also just in general. There are so many things that I am interested in, some as hobbies and some as possibly more, and with all these ideas floating around in my head, it’s hard to even know where to begin coming up with a plan. Most of my ideas involve putting myself out there and doing something outside of my comfort zone, which involves the risk of failure…all scary stuff that is causing lots of doubt and hesitation on my part…which is then leading me to doing absolutely nothing.

On top of that, as our home is currently on the market, we are looking at houses and I’m trying to find a place that just feels “right” – like it’s the perfect fit for my objective and what I envision for raising my babies. We’ve seen 11 house and 4 more this week and it’s not easy. It’s exhausting and a little disheartening not finding something that’s even close to what we had in mind. All of the sudden, I’m starting to second guess our decision to even sell our home. I’m not sure what my next move is but I’m praying for a some divine intervention that will just lead the way.

So overall, I’ve been confused more times than not these past 4-5 months and I think I’m waiting for something to just feel right.


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