Promised Land

prmosed-landMy husband and I rented “Promised Land” this week and it was such a great movie – I highly recommend it for pretty much anyone! Jason called it one of my “hippie” movies, but it was clever, well-written, educational and just enjoyable.

The premise is Matt Damon works for Global, a high-powered company that is gaining land leases for installing fracking wells in poor, small farming communities across America. He uses persuasion, manipulation and dangles money in front of struggling farmers’ faces…and he’s excellent at what he does.

Until he comes across a small town that is actually informed and slightly educated on the extremely dangerous side affects of fracking. They understand what is left behind once the fracking starts and begins putting up resistance. With a little help from John Krasinski, an door-to-door environmentalist from Athena, their anti-Global campaign takes on momentum, causing both sides to put up their best fight. And there is a great surprise ending that is so perfect and eye-opening!

Looking for a movie for the long holiday weekend? Be sure to add this one to your list – it won’t disappoint!

Just Say No: Fracking

Fracking is the dangerous process of drilling and injecting fluid (composed of 500+ hazardous chemicals) into the ground at a high pressure in order to fracture shale rocks to release natural gas inside.  It takes an extreme amount of water to do this – 1-8 million gallons of water to complete each fracturing job! With droughts and water shortages happening around the world, this is an enormous amount of precious water to complete the job. While completing this process, gas companies are releasing hundreds of toxic chemicals directly into our water resources, contaminating our underground drinking water and farming lands and crops in the process. I love that big Hollywod is taking on such a serious national problem like Fracking; hopefully, this will help educate and inspire others to take a stand against fracking and protect our lands.


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