The Power of Prayer

35033_678622498577_695865225_nMy grandfather passed away this spring and my grandmother has been living alone for the first time in her entire 77 years of life. Picturing her alone in their house with all those memories makes me sad and weighs heavy on my heart.

In my eyes, she has always been the young, active, mobile grandparent pretty much my whole life. She was only 49 when I was born and has been incredibly involved with our lives – my 4 sisters and I are her pride and joy. She does everything for us – made my high school prom dress, my daughter’s Baptism gown and my son’s bedroom curtains. She was at every high school sporting event, graduation and awards banquet. I’ve spent countless nights at her house, enjoying the ice cream sundae that was guaranteed and our shopping excursions were always my favorite.

In recent years, she has gotten pneumonia numerous times and it’s been determined that she has very scarred, damaged lungs from her rheumatoid arthritis. My family and I just visited her this past weekend after returning home from vacation and she didn’t even have a cough or a sniffle. She visited my uncle on Tuesday and had dinner at my older sister’s house that evening. Wednesday, she came down with a deadly case of pneumonia and by Wednesday night, she was ventilated and put on life support.

So incredibly quickly. How did this happen?!? We had a bone-chilling sense of deju vu – she was on the same path as my grandfather was just 4 months earlier, when we thought we had a good 10 years left with her and now it seemed like her end had arrived. I was not prepared to deal with this and I couldn’t believe this was really happening. At least with my grandfather, he had been sick for some months and was physically suffering, which prepared us (very slightly) for his end. But this just blew us away.

Pray Without Ceasing

Every spare moment in my head has been consumed by thoughts of my grandmother. I have been a mess all week. Every minute in my heart has been lifted up in prayer for her. Non-stop since Wednesday, worry and dread has consumed me and I have turned multiple times throughout my day to short, silent prayers, knowing that God hears me and hoping my prayer is within His will.

This afternoon, my mother called and said she shown major signs of improvement and was slowly weened off life support. She is semi-aware and resting peaceful. My heart literally dropped into my stomach. But she is nowhere out of the woods yet because she is a very sick woman – she still has a huge, long road ahead of her and things can still take a turn for the worse. There are so many things that can still go wrong and her whole body is weak and has taken a beating.

I beg all the prayer warriors out there – please, please, please continue praying for my grandma – the power of prayer is working! Pray that God fills her up with His healing presence and places His hands over her life. That He covers her with His grace and is a source of comfort and endless love. That He continues guiding her physician’s hands, knowledge and decision-making abilities and brings her through this struggle and back to us.

Thank you for the support!

max-lucado prayer


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