Rain Barrels and More

Yesterday evening I attended a program at our local Amherst Library called “Rain Barrels and More” about the benefits of using a rain barrel, how to build your own with a kit and maintenance and uses for the barrel water. Having been a rain barrel user for a couple of years now, it was a great refresher on all the great things about utilizing such a simple system in my own home and I’m already looking into adding multiple barrels to my already-existing connection.

Here are a couple of take-aways I learned last night!

  1.  A barrel of my size (60 gallons) can collect a full barrel of rain in just 15 minutes of down-pouring
  2. When creating your own barrel, always use a barrel that contained food matter and never chemicals – the plastic can absorbs those toxins and then leach them into your water
  3. Never use a white or clear barrel or lid – when light entered in the barrel, algae can begin to grow in your water
  4. It’s so easy to add multiple barrels to one connection with a simple hose at the base of each barrel
  5. You can make a compost tea  in your barrel that will act as a natural fertilizer when you use the water on your plants
  6. Rain water (as opposed to faucet water with chlorine) is extremely nutrient-rich and offers your plants & veggies so much more than hose water can
  7. You can use rain water to bathe your pets, wash your cars, do your laundry, water your garden and even your house plants
This year we decided to use our barrel lid as a planter and I'm loving the way it's filling in!

This year we decided to use our barrel lid as a planter and I’m loving the way it’s filling in!


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