Happy (belated) Father’s Day

We left for our family vacation on Father’s Day last week so the babies and I showered my husband with lots of love and kisses and treated him to an early Father’s Day breakfast on Saturday instead. My husband and I have been together for 10 years and we always knew we wanted children but never would have dreamed of having 2 beautiful, healthy, smiling kids. I know I don’t tell him often enough of how proud I am of the man and father he’s become. He works so incredibly hard for our family and provides us with such a blessed life. He is a man of responsibility, integrity, compassion and love and is the rock in our family, the best role model for my children to look up to. We have lot of love, kisses and hugs in our home and our children adore their daddy!


Being a guy who loves his gadgets, we got him a couple of small gifts: a bamboo amplifier and a solar charger (I love an opportunity to gift eco-friendly presents!).

I found the Boozik Wireless Bamboo Amplifier at Greenheart Shop, a Fair Trade online store based out of Chicago and I think we’ve used it 3-4 times in the past week already! The way the bamboo is cut, it offers a nice amplified sound for iPods and iPhones with speakers – which is great for working outside or relaxing on the patio. And it would be a great thing to take along on a camping trip. The best part is – it uses no electricity, is made with sustainable bamboo and it’s Fair Trade!

boozik_500I also found this compact solar charger, Opteka BP-SC4000 Ultra Thin Solar Powered Charger, mostly for his phone and iPod, but it can be used with 10 plug-in adapters for multiple types of electronic devices and gadgets. He has yet to test this particular model out, but it got fairly decent reviews on Amazon where I purchased it. It’s a lower-level charger in terms of pricing and I could have easily spend a lot more getting him a high-level one, but for him, I think this is a perfect fit for the time being.

41f6r2J2agL._SX300_It was definitely a great day with our family and I know my husband felt honored and appreciated!


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