Baby Bee Product Cake

babyOne of my dearest friends is expecting her first baby later this summer and this afternoon was her baby shower. I’m all for the natural, organic cosmetics, especially for baby’s ultra-sensitive newborn skin so I decided to gift one of my favorite products – Burt’s Bees! I centered the idea around a bath-theme and used lavender calming lotion, diaper ointment, all-purpose body wash, facial wipes, sunscreen, diaper wipes, washcloths and a hooded towel.

Feeling in a crafty mood this week, I wanted to make the present extra-special and construct a Baby Bee Product Cake for her – and I think it turned out really adorable! For the first layer of the cake, I used diapers and rolled them in the middle, rubber banded them to secure them and tied a piece of string around each layer to hold them all together. I think I used about 25 diapers total for this layer, so a small pack would do just fine. I polished it off with some pretty ribbon and moved on to the trickier part – the top.

The top layer I had to think it through and try a couple of ideas before I got it just right. I rolled up 3 yellow burp clothes in the very middle and then surrounded it with a white & yellow polka dotted hooded towel for a cute pattern. I put wooden cooking skewers into the middle of the towel and pushed them into the first layer to make sure the top and bottom stay together. I then used 2-sided scrapbooking dots to secure the products to the diapers and each other – just to make sure they weren’t going anywhere. I also finished this off with matching ribbon. I love how the products are shorter than the towels, giving it the illusion that it almost has 3 layers to it. Then sticking out of the very top is a rolled up summer hat with a charming lace trim on it that has a yellow washcloth in the middle to add some height, color and act as the cake-topper.

I have the whole thing sitting on a thick serving tray for transporting and wrapping. Because I have plenty of fabric scraps at home, I used sheer tulle to wrap the cake and finish off with some teethers and a giant bow.  Easy, fun, creative…and most importantly, all-natural for Baby!

cake productsdiapertopperwrapped


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