More In Store for Me

Earlier this winter, I came upon an opportunity to go back to graduate school this coming up fall that I literally thought was perfect for me. I debated it, prayed about it, talked it through a thousand times with my husband for months and finally in April, I worked up enough courage to take the plunge. I wrote a 9-page personal statement and applied. The more I thought about it, the more excited I became. It felt great to be doing something, especially something that I am so passionate about. I have always loved learning and school and with my children get a bit older, the timing felt good.

Then came the bad news: I found out today that the graduate program was absorbed into another Masters program, causing the tuition to triple in price and all of the online class opportunities were gone…which is a huge problem considering the university is in California…and I’m in Ohio.

I was completely devastated this evening. I felt like this was right where I was suppose to be in life, like it was a perfect match for my career and interests. Then “poof” it was gone. But as my husband tried to cheer me up, he reminded me that I am so very determined to get what I want all the time, that maybe God was sending me crystal clear signs that this wasn’t what He had in mind for me. I have a tendency to try and make every con in a situation a pro and work for me. It’s as if He were saying, “Pay attention Katherine, I have more in store for you.”

So I need to trust that. Believe that this is all part of His plan for me and know whatever comes next will be exactly where He wants me. I can’t say that doing this is always easy for me, I have a very tiny problem with patience 🙂



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