How Business & Society Thrive by Investing in Nature

Tercek-Adams-Natures-Fortune1I recently came across this book (which I haven’t read so I can’t personally recommend but it’s on my long list of “to-reads”) by Mark Tercek called “Nature’s Fortune: How Business and Society Thrive by Investing in Nature” and what caught my eye immediately was the author’s bio.  Tercek was a former investment banker at Goldman Sachs who became CEO of The Nature Conservancy in 2008, the largest environmental organization in the world.

I became curious to what a powerful Wall Street type character might have to say about nature and our environment because it didn’t seem like an obvious career transition for a banker.

“Nearly every precious bit of nature – teeming coral reefs, sweeping grasslands, lush forests, the rich diversity of life itself–is in decline. Everything humanity should reduce–suburban sprawl, deforestation, overfishing, carbon emissions – has increased.”

He believes that humans and business really depends on nature and he views it as natural capital. We should think about nature as infrastructure, something to invest in and improve upon and improve life. Business increasingly has a huge environmental footprint so if we can work with businesses, help them understand that taking better care of the environment is good for their business, he thinks they can really be powerful allies to the environmental movement.

Check out Mark Tercek’s website and book >>


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