TRASHED: A Must-See!

trashedI have been waiting for months for this environmental documentary to be released and I should have figured they would wait until this past week’s Earth Day to do so! TRASHED is a eye-opening look at what happens to our garbage after we throw waste away. Trash doesn’t magically disappears once the blue garbage truck comes to collect it. That is simply not the case.

This is truly a calling for us to take action to reduce our own personal waste and this is definitely a challenge for us. My husband and I look for all kinds of ways to reduce our garbage and we have it down to just 1 bag per week (most of the time). BUT…that is still 52 bags going into the landfill for just our home. What would our consumption look like if we could get it to one bag per month? Per year? Is that even possible?

“It’s only we we start to look closely that we see the result of our consumption. Does any one know what happens to it all?

This is not just a local problem. Somehow in the deep ocean, we got more trash than life. We don’t think about the consequences when we throw stuff away. It seems to be a case of ‘out of sight, out of mind.’  Nature functions by building up and breaking down, building up and breaking down. We keep putting things into the environment that don’t break down.

Everyone in the population today has these chemicals in their body. It’s everywhere. It causes all sorts of diseases. We did it with smoking and smoking bans. We did with seat belts and wearing seat belts. We did it with drunk driving, actually, when that became unacceptable. We need to do this with waste. Perhaps time will change and we will too.”

Ways to view TRASHED:
–   You can purchase streaming access for $5.99 on their website >>
–   Or buy the DVD on Amazon for $18.99 on Amazon >>

Check out the trailer:


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