The Germs Have Taken Over

These past four days have been rather exhausting: my son is teething and his first 2 teeth just popped through! Which means a fussy baby and very little sleep for him and me. I feel like at 4-months, it’s a bit early for him to be teething but I really need to stop comparing his milestone’s to my daughter’s – every child is different!  He has been a slobbery mess and I experienced my first biting while nursing him on Tuesday. Can we say, ouch!? But he’s been so happy lately, just a smiling, sweet little boy. So quiet, even-tempered and just plain content. And he really is so different than his sister…

My daughter came down with an horrible cough and head cold, followed by a persistent 3-day fever and eventually an ear infection (I told you kids are germy). Even my essential oils couldn’t tame this beast of a cold. Her normal spunky, crazy self was replaced with a mopey, miserable kid. With her history of febrile seizures, she was on a very strict schedule and I was so worried when on Day #3, she still went to bed with a 100 degree temperature. But she woke up smiling yesterday and dancing to the intro song to Sesame Street, so I knew all was well again.

I’ve been on full-on mom mode and have had very little time to think of anything else besides teeth, runny noses, medicine schedules and taking temperatures. We have had our boogie wipes, vapor rub, peppermint oil, homeopathic orajel and thermometer sitting on our console, ready a moment’s notice. I do feel a tiny bit of mom-guilt, as I was very much looking forward to coming into work this morning. Balance, I tell ya.

Now I’m just praying we all stay healthy for a beautiful spring season – this being sick thing is for the birds.


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