Love, Nature & God

As Earth Day approaches and I read more and more articles and stories from around the country, this has been tugging at my heart…

“God writes the gospel not in the Bible alone, but on trees and flowers and clouds and stars.” — Martin Luther

dust2I have a deep love and passion for the natural world and I may sound like a hippie or tree hugger at times, which my husband often calls me. I am not, however, an atheist, nor is my belief system based around mysticism or new-age things, as liberal or “hippie” as they are. I believe in God; I always have. More importantly, I believe He loves me so incredibly much that He sent His only son, Jesus the Messiah, to sacrifice his life to save mine. He is mighty to save.

Love, God, nature – I believe they are wrapped up with one another, which makes what I want to do so fulfilling. My belief about this relationship is that nature is so healing for humans because God reveals Himself through it. As we heal through nature, God is right there, which is why we find nature so comforting.

While many believe nature is a thing of the world – glaciers, volcanoes, storms – I can’t help but think that God pulled the most beautiful landscapes right from His own imagination.  He gave us the Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls, the Rocky Mountains, the Sahara Desert, blue oceans and white sands, sunsets and flowers – how could anything be more beautiful? And He gave all of that to us to enjoy, love and protect.

The Earth is the Lord’s and all it contains

For many, discussion about saving the earth and the issues of the environment offer no mention of God. I imagine He has sorrow and anger for how we have treated His creation.  It is man’s sin that has caused our current environmental situation – greed, laziness, sloth, envy; but yet, no one wants to politically offend the other so God is no where to be found. But how could He not? Everything here is His, including me. Nature is not a god; nature is a gift from God – let us not confuse this. When my mind turns to nature, my heart turns toward God in worship and praise. There is no separating the two for me.

Nature reveals to us God’s grace, His knowledge, His compassion for all His living creation and ultimately that He is in control. Throughout the Bible, nature is at God’s disposal to do with it as He pleases to carry out His will. One of the most important God teaches us is LOVE. God is love and He calls us to love everyone and everything.



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