I Am Not Stuck

Life is not meant to be lived standing still; rather, it is full of motion and changes. I am coming to realize lately that I should not settle on standing still and expect all these great things that will make me “happy” to just fall into my lap. Don’t get me wrong…I am by no means unhappy, but there are some areas where I am feeling more and more unfulfilled and I think I’m so willing to stand still because it’s safe and familiar. But it’s not me and it’s not the place I want to be in my life.

So…here’s to turning the page to a new chapter! Happy Friday, friends!



2 thoughts on “I Am Not Stuck

  1. Love this. I notice that as long as I keep rolling with what comes my way, I keep moving and feeling like I’m moving. But when I let fear take a hold and I don’t roll with the changes, I get stuck – emotionally and physically. We are all human though and sometimes it’s normal to get stuck a bit, we always come out learning! Love. X

    • Thanks! This has been calling to me on various levels and I think being stuck in a rut or a dead-end job or a relationship or a place that just isn’t right is something we all have to deal with at some point. But knowing when to make the change is key! Thanks for reading!

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