Discover Something Wonderful

The weather has taken a turn for the better this past weekend and I can feel myself turning a corner as well. After spending the last 3 months juggling my newborn & toddler and being trapped inside by our circumstance and the frigid temperatures, this is a very welcomed change of seasons! There is nothing more soothing than being outside in the sunshine and trees and feeling the warm breeze on my face after a long, dreary winter season. I feel energized and rejuvenated just taking a walk through the woods and I never feel more like myself than in those quiet moments.

We took the kids to the park and my daughter just thrives being outdoors – I can see her come alive as she plays in the leaves, digs in the dirt and wants to take off her shoes to walk in the river. She is at the perfect age where she is becoming increasingly interested in bugs, flowers and animals and every little thing fascinates her. I planted a pot of sunflower seeds with her on Sunday and she wanted to literally sit there to watch them grow – I don’t think she could quite grasp the concept that a little seed will grow into a huge, beautiful flower.

I can see the wonder in her face as we show her new things and it’s such a great reminder to us “grown ups” how exciting the natural world is for kids and how important it is for us to nurture that excitement and interest because our world really is amazing.


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