Top 5 Reasons to Join this Earth Day Workshop

Two weeks from today, a very special Earth Day event is taking place: “Earth Day 2013 Workshop – Life in Balance: A Healthy Planet, A Healthy You” and I am personally inviting you to share your afternoon with us!

Here are my top 5 reasons YOU should join us!

  1. A great workoutErica Traster Yoga always provides awesome yoga sessions and this one surely won’t disappoint! She is an extremely talented instructor whose passion shines through her classes and this slow flow is for all levels. It’s a great way to start the workshop to get ourselves in a centered, focused place.
  2. A yummy, healthy lunch – after a nice, sweaty workout, there’s nothing better than eating a healthy lunch. And that we will! We are offering an array of vegan, Fair Trade and organic dishes for lunch. And as a bonus – we are providing the recipes to take home to try yourself!
  3. Educational take-away – one of the most important things about social action is education. People cannot change and evolve without knowing the facts. We are showing Food, Inc., a rude awakening documentary on the state of our food industry and the detrimental effects it has our on dwindling environment. The way you look at what you eat will never be the same!
  4. Reflection and time away – We all lead such busy, on-the-go lives and this workshop offers us the perfect opportunity to take a break from the hustle and bustle and reflect. What better way to truly reflect on your own personal resolution for the environment than through a short & sweet meditation.
  5. And my favorite…the Earth – I am so passionate about our environment and nature so this is my favorite thing about this workshop! Often times Earth Day comes and goes and for many, nothing about their lives change.  This is a chance to learn, grow and be inspired to make concrete changes. AND…a portion of the proceeds will be donated to Earth Day Coalition, a Northeast Ohio environmental non-profit organization focused on advocacy and education!

Convinced? You should be! Take the next step and sign-up for the workshop here >> And don’t forget to invite a friend or relative to join you in the Earth Day goodness. We will see you in two weeks!



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