Respect Your Home

What it really comes down to is loving our earth is about ultimately about respect. Respect involves appreciation, understanding the value in something and acting in consideration of these feelings. One of the setbacks for us is many people don’t understand that value our earth provides our lives and this lack of appreciation leads to us disrespecting our natural world and trampling on it. We are a disposable society where deforestation, climate change, fracking, oil drilling are happening in some far away country that don’t directly impact our current lives. Except they do.

Changing this mindframe comes from education and getting outside to build a direct relationship with nature. You are less likely to take destroy something that you know, love and respect.

This Earth Month, I am renewing my commitment to respecting our world and hopefully educating and inspiring others to do the same by my actions and passion for all things natural.

Now I have Aretha’s words stuck in my head…RESPECT…a great tune for this beautiful Thursday morning!


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