My New Prime Lens

With the often dim, strange lighting in hospitals, I have come to realize that my 18-55mm kit lens that came with my Nikon camera won’t quite do the job in getting the sharp, crisp photographs I obviously want. Without using a tripod or a flash (which I’m not a fan of), I know I didn’t have many other choices. And with it’s range and speed, the 55-200mm lens my husband bought me also wouldn’t be the right fit. So I invested in a new 35mm f/1.8 prime lens tonight for a reasonable cost and with the unpredictability of babies, I’m just glad I got it in time!

Reasons for Going Prime:


Even though most people tend to want the flexibility of a zoom, the highest quality images typically come from prime lenses. There is a “sweet spot” in every lens, typically somewhere in the middle where everything is just right to capture the best possible image quality. With a prime lens which doesn’t zoom, it’s basically always on that sweet spot.

The other huge advantage of a prime lens is they tend to collect much more light while the shutter is open, which was a essential factor in my decision. This allows for faster shutter speeds, giving me the flexibility of shooting in lower light situations. I was debating between the 35mm and 50mm lens and eventually decided on the 35mm because it provides a more “normal” angle of view and in a small hospital room, this length will allow me to capture more of the space without having to back up into a corner every time I take a photograph. The only draw-back is the focus has to be spot-on with the large f/1.8 aperture because of the very shallow depth-of-field. but that also means it’s easier and better at blurring the background.

Now comes the fun part…playing with my new toy!


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