FAVA Holiday Art Show 2012

Today was the day – the opening of the “Members’ Holiday Show 2012” with FAVA! Being my first time in a real exhibition, I had no idea what to expect so naturally I was nervous. What if my photographs were awful in comparison to others? Or weren’t priced correctly? Or the wrong things were said my artist bio? Walking in there this afternoon, I felt like I stuck out like a sore thumb and there was a neon sign flashing over my head that said “newbie.”

But once I walked into the gallery, I felt immediately at ease. There were so many welcoming people who came up to talk and the other artists’ works were fantastic! Taking years of art classes, I should have known better than trying to compare my pieces with others because nobody works the same way – that is the beauty of art!

There ended up being 67 different members who exhibited in this show and the pieces ranged from photography, paintings and textiles to jewelry, sculpture and mixed media pieces. Here are a few snapshot from the Opening Reception. A special thank you to my family and friends who came and supported me today – it meant the world to me to have you there!

My Artist Bio:


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