Photography Class in Review

I recently finished up my photography class with the Cleveland Photographic Society that I have been so excited about lately and I couldn’t be more thrilled with everything I learned! The 12-week class went in-depth on all the fundamental parts of my Nikon camera and the concepts of good composition, lighting and editing of “making” a memorable photograph and I know I have grown so much as a photographer.

With two hands-on field trips, I was able to work with club members and instructors on any issues I was having with my camera and even borrow some of their fancier equipment. We ended the course with a student evaluation where each of us got to show 4 of our favorite photos taken during the semester and everyone offered critiques and advice, which was a great way to see what types of things my fellow students were up to.

The first thing they told us back in August was anyone can take a photograph but a real photographer makes a photograph and we will never shoot in Auto mode again. How right they were! Now, unfortunately, I think I am a bit addicted to my camera and all things photography. And starting my PhotoProject/365 doesn’t help, as I am forcing myself to pick up and use my camera and share a little piece of my life every day. I cannot stop reading books and blogs about photography and I think I may even be driving my husband a bit nuts, as I share with him everything I’m learning.

We covered a nice range of topics over the course and while I am drawn to nature and the outdoors, I also really enjoy environmental portraiture. I have forced my family to sit for mini-shoots for me to practice and I just want to do more! I love the concept of making a connection with a person through a photograph, freezing one moment in time and letting someone’s personality come through my lens.

Overall, I give this course an A+ and encourage anyone in the Northeast Ohio area who is a beginner or even intermediate photographer to sign up for their winter session – it’s completely worth your time and money and you won’t be sorry you did.

Happy shooting, friends!


4 thoughts on “Photography Class in Review

    • Thanks for sharing, Laurie! It was a really great class and I actually found it just by Googling photography classes in the Cleveland area and this popped up. I think it helps that the Cleveland Photographic Society has been around for 125 years and really focuses on excellence in their education programs, so I really lucked out! Hope to see you back here soon!

  1. Very cool. Good luck on your photographic adventure. You will be amazed how your photographic styles evolves and changes. It really is an interesting ride.

    • Thanks, Kurt! I know exactly what you mean – just since I started this class 3 months ago, my style already has changed so much and I’m exciting to see where it takes me!

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