Reaching Out for New Ideas

Today on lunch I divulged in a hot cup of deliciousness from one of my favorite coffee shops, Caribou Coffee. I’m not a coffee drinker, so I opted for one of their new holiday drinks: the salted caramel dark hot chocolate – absolutely decadent and dangerous!

Anyways, our Caribou shop always has the daily horoscopes posted from the newspaper, and while I’m not a believer in or follower of my Capricorn sign, I always enjoy reading what it has to say.  I like to think of it as advice from a friendly outsider because it’s usually something positive or thought-provoking, and today’s horoscope did not disappoint:

“Keep reaching out for new ideas. You will like experiencing  the world in a different way. When you land, you’ll see how you might have been restricting yourself. Communication could become excessive. Screen calls. Tonight: listen to a favorite CD, then decide.”

I feel like this message written just for me, like it knew I was going to be visiting Caribou today and was waiting for me. This is exactly what I am struggling with right now; reaching out of my comfort zone and taking chances on new things in my life and finding the courage to overcome my fears, mostly fear of failing or not being good at something. And getting out of my own darn way.  I know I am holding myself back, always opting to stay on familiar territory instead of going after what I am really passionate about. Being an over-perfectionist and control freak is something I’m trying to let go of. The best adventures happen when you have faith, let go of your fears and put your life in God’s control. So I may just take its advice and turn up the volume on my favorite album tonight and enjoy the music!


2 thoughts on “Reaching Out for New Ideas

    • Aw, that is a shame, they have great drinks! Well, my music taste is always changing, but last night we had a dance party to Pink’s latest “The Truth About Love” album!

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