Hobbies vs. Passions

“Passions grip you.  You’re going to live them anyway, so you might as well do them for a living.” –Jenika’s Lens

I’ve read a handful of blogs about passion and knowing the difference between a leisurely hobby and a real life passion. Finding my “destiny” or “purpose” for my life and my work is something I’m constantly looking to define, as I recently wrote about, and there were some definite sticking points in these blogs that really made me think about why I haven’t pursued more seriously some of the things I am really passionate about. There’s a lot of pressure behind the words “destiny” and “purpose,” and I tend to overthink things anyways, so I found these points so helpful and put things into perspective!

Here is a quick summary of some of my favorite points:

  • A mere hobby won’t provide the drive and determination and fight necessary to do something for a living.
  • If your work is not your passion, then your passion is what makes you late for work.  It’s what makes you rush through everything so you can get back to your passion.
  • You’ll always be one step behind if you only think about your profession when you’re getting paid to think about it.
  • Maybe you think “there’s no way I can make money at what I’m passionate about doing.”  I promise you that someone else shares your passion, and they are already making money at it.
  • Staying with the familiar seems easy only because the downsides are familiar. You’ve already figured out how to cope with the bad parts of life as you know it.
  • You don’t know how you’d handle the bad parts of a new adventure, so you’re content to also sit out on the amazing parts. This is crazy.

I couldn’t have said any better myself.


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