Natural Beauty Cosmetics

Over the last couple of years, I have learned more and more about  the cleansers, lotions, soaps and hair products I have been applying on a daily basis to by body and it was not good news for me. Harmful chemicals were present in everything I used and my body was a sponge, soaking up these toxins. I recently posted a scary statistic about the dangerous cosmetics women use on our bodies:

  • The skin of a woman who wears make-up every day absorbs 4 lbs, 6 oz of cosmetics over the period of one year.

Over 4 pounds of chemicals! And we wonder why our bodies are failing us or cancer rates are on the rise. When I was pregnant with my first baby, I began cleaning out my bathroom cupboard of these harmful products and started replacing them with natural, organic alternatives.

While I’m sure I can go even more natural with homemade solutions, I have tried a couple of different eco-lines, and ended up using many Burt’s Bees products in my routine, simply because they use natural ingredients with no parabens sulfates, phthalates or petrochemicals, are transparent about their products, do not test on animals, fit my budget and most importantly, their products are effective on my skin type. My favorite products are their chamomile & soap bark face wash – it leaves my skin feeling fresh, smooth and not oily. I love using vitamin E oil at night and the Radiance SPF moisturizer in the mornings. And I never leave the house without applying a coating of the lemon body oil – a subtle  oil that leaves my skin soft, moisturized and smelling citrusy fresh!

Do you have any organic natural beauty product that you use? What is your favorite go-to product in your bathroom?

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