The Greenhouse Tavern

Tonight my husband and I made reservations at a downtown restaurant I’ve been wanting to go to for some time: The Greenhouse Tavern. Located on East 4th Street downtown Cleveland, my favorite thing about The Greenhouse Tavern is their approach to farm-to-plate dining and their belief that giving back to the environment will increase the taste of the food they serve. It is also the first certified green restaurant in Ohio and they “follow green principles of organic and environmentally friendly ingredients while using recyclables and highly developed methods of composting, sourcing alternate energy, and focusing on conservation practices.” How cool is it that Cleveland has such an aware and conscientious place to eat?  LOVE!

I ordered the roasted cauliflower fettuccine, a vegetarian dish with cauliflower, red peppers, carrots and lemon served over pasta with bread crumbs, while my meat-loving husband got a steak and fries. He put it best when he said the food was just bursting with all the right flavors – it was fantastic!

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