Are you leaving the best of yourself at home?

I was reading a magazine (can’t remember which one) while I was waiting for a doctor’s appointment earlier this week and there was an article in it about how to be happier at your job. It included points about changing your attitude and approach toward work and how to be more assertive to get what you want out of your job. But one point that really struck me was the question, “Are you leaving the best of yourself at home?”

It went on to say that most people have these talents and passions that they tend to leave behind when they go to a job where they are unhappy. People then feel unfulfilled with their careers because they spend the majority of their awake time at jobs where they aren’t incorporating the things that they love in life. It mentioned that people’s fear of failure often prevent them from taking the necessary risks to change their job situations, causing them to remain in a cycle of unhappiness.

The Dream Job

I often think about what my “dream” job would look like and it’s hard to picture. Not the popular question of: if you could do anything on this entire planet, what would it be?  But the realistic question of: how can I take what I love and make a living out of it? Something real and tangible that will provide a paycheck for my growing family. Something that each day, I can drive to and from work with a smile on my face, knowing I am making a difference and I am fulfilled with my work.

It is scary taking the big risks to get what you want, not knowing if you’ll be any happier at a new job, how good you’ll even be at it or how secure that job is. But does that mean you have to be complacent in life and have an unhappy, unfulfilled career? I know we were created for so much more than that! God created us so special with unique talents and it would be a crime to never use these gifts for what He intended us to do. Have faith. I am awful at being patient (ask my husband) – but He does have a plan for each of us here and I need to remember it’s not on my time, but His!

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