Yoga Beats the Winter Weight

Whenever I see something about yoga, I am automatically interested. One of my dearest friends is a certified yoga instructor and practicing yoga is one of my favorite pre-natal workouts. At 31 weeks along, yoga is literally my saving grace for a sore back and hips, and after chasing around a toddler all day, it’s my relaxer in the evenings.

So when I saw this small article in my most recent issue of Whole Living magazine, I not only read it but want to share! It can be so easy to slip into a cold-weather rut and pack on extra weight during the winter months and yoga offers the perfect balance:


Shorter, colder days can lead to more food cravings. Hitting the mat can help beat them back.
(by Karen Asp)

Sad but nor surprising: people eat an average if 86 more calories a day in the fall than they do in the spring. And gingerbread lattes aren’t entirely to blame. “When you don’t get enough daylight, you produce less serotonin,” says Barbara Olendski, a registered dietitian at the University of Massachusetts-Worcester. And low levels of the hormone can increase our cravings for carbs. But yoga can help. Food cravings are often anxiety-related, and the calming practice may curb our impulse to polish off the office M&Ms. With a regular routine, says Sadie Nardini, a New York City-based yoga teacher, “you learn to undergo intense sensations without giving in.” In one study, people with binge-eating disorders made healthier food choices after 12 weeks of daily yoga and mindfulness training.


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