The Art & Nature in Me

“We find the works of nature still more pleasant, the more they resemble those of art.” –Joseph Addison

Art and nature – two of my favorite passions. Often times they go hand-in-hand, compliments of the other; but I struggle to reconcile the peaceful serenity of nature with the vibrant, colorful complexities of art. Yet, art yearns to imitate and capture the pure essence of nature  – the colors, the warmth, the space. The great painting masters have attempted to imitate the best of nature, each mind seeing it differently and giving us a snapshot masterpiece of their view.

No one is just one thing. Sometimes I want everything in my life in bright, bold colors. Having taken numerous studio classes in college, color affects me and I understand it. It fills me up and my mind doesn’t stop creating. I am a walking artist. Other times I want nothing but mud. I empty the color and see my world more clearly in earth tones. Nature is where I find peace and the grass between my toes is like a soothing balm.

And yet, art and nature both give me energy, inspire me, want me doing more with my time and talents. I want to find a way to merge these passion into something I can put my time and energies into.

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