A Modern Hippie

“I once thought being a “modern hippie” meant loving the Earth.

I thought it meant ignoring the customs of prescribed society, coloring your own mind with individualism.

Wearing your hair long because you liked it that way. Liked the freedom of it as the wind threw it on your shoulders.

I thought it meant sitting in the forest to listen to what the trees had to say. Walking barefoot to dance upon the rhythms of the moss growing there.

Being a hippie meant reaching for nature, leaning from it. Absorbing it into every breath because it is within you. Such growth, I thought, would lead to a profound connection to all life. And, through that, to oneself.

Turns out, to most people, being a modern hippie means two things – drugs, and image.

Wear the right clothes, say everything is “chill”, and smoke some pot now and again. Doubt the government when politics are brought up; claim their unflinching corruptness. Get into some sort of mystic art, whether it be crystals or tarot cards. Drink tea. Maybe even develop an infatuation with the idea of Eastern cultures, though they are nothing more than a facade to you. Find your spirit animal on a website.Tell people you meditate and do yoga, even though you only tried it once. Then smoke some more.

In college, at least, that is modern hippiedom. I don’t see in these people a genuine connection with, or concern for, nature. It’s not that they do the aforementioned things, it’s why they do them.

Because it looks good. Because it unites them with a group. Because it gives them some sort of an identity.

I, instead, will forgo the term hippie, and create my own.”

-All the Winds of the World


4 thoughts on “A Modern Hippie

    • It is actually an excerpt from a blog that I had followed called “All the Winds of the World.” I had asked her if I could re-post this here and I’m glad I snagged this when I did because the blogger took her site down, so it’s no longer active. I thought it was very poetic and honest!

      • I agree and can relate to what the author is talking about. I know people who claim they are hippies, yet contradict themselves every day of their lives. They don’t take care of the Earth, they don’t recycle and they don’t stand up for human rights. Thanks for posting it. Love your blog, by the way!

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