Escape to Nature

Last weekend my little family & I escaped to nature for some quality time outdoors and together. We went down to the Mohican State Park area and had a busy weekend of fun, education and nature! We bicycled along the river, went swimming, dined on Pleasant Hill Lake, visited the Pleasant Hill Dam, hiked to Lyons Falls and toured Malabar Farm. The weather was chilly and crisp, but dressing appropriately and staying moving kept us plenty warm.

The most interesting part of the weekend-getaway for me was the tour of Malabar Farm. The 900-acre farm in Pleasant Valley was the dream of the Pulitzer Prize-winning author and conservationist, Louis Bromfield. He was researching cutting-edge techniques in crop rotations, sustainable living , organic growing and grass-fed free range livestock that really paved the way and set new standards for the agricultural community. The farm is still functioning as an eco-friendly operation and provides products to the local restaurants.

Along with camping on the property, there are also numerous hiking trails and guided tours of both the main farmhouse mansion and the vast property by wagon. One cool tidbit: on May 21, 1945, Bromfield hosted Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall’s wedding and honeymoon at Malabar Farm!


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