Photo Day #10 (10/4/12) – Portraiture

At last night’s photography class, we went over environmental portraiture – shooting people on location – and I loved it! This was the class I was most looking forward to and I’m very excited to start practicing. While I have been drawn to shooting nature recently because this time of year is so incredibly beautiful, I just love an honest, soulful portrait.

I recently watched a documentary called “Life Through a Lens” on Annie Leibovitz, one of America’s great portraiture photographers (and my personal favorite) and she talked about capturing that moment with a person when you can see their soul through the lens and that idea seems so raw and real. I  have wondered what my soul would look like through a lens?

My first practice model is my twin sister, who so kindly did a mini photo shoot with me this evening. Isn’t she beautiful?!

Shot with cloudy skies outside | shutter speed 1s | aperture f/4.8 | ISO 100

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