October: Fair Trade & Vegetarian Awareness Month!

What a great month this is going to be! Not only is this my favorite time of year (fires, football, autumn colors, scarves, pumpkins – should I keep going?), but October also celebrates two things that are very important to me: fair trade and vegetarian eating! There are so many ways to celebrate these two things throughout the month and I am looking forward to trying new veggie recipes, starting my holiday shopping at local fair trade stores and promoting awareness for both movements to anyone who will listen!

October is Fair Trade Month!

Purchasing Fair Trade when you can is so important and I love that there is a whole month dedicated to this global cause. Fair Trade ensures fair competitive to farmers and artisans in developing communities while giving profits back to those communities to build the businesses, empower women, provide health care and education and fight poverty. Having some of the strictest environmental regulations in the industry, Fair Trade ensures farmers are using the best practices for sustainable growing techniques.

I get so excited going to the grocery store and seeing more and more products with the Fair Trade certification label on them. My husband recently traveled to the U.K. and told me Fair Trade is everywhere in Europe and becoming somewhat the standard. I would love to see that happen in mainstream America, but unfortunately there are still so many people who have never even heard the term “fair trade.” Next time you are out shopping, look around for alternatives and be aware of what products you are putting into your cart because every purchase you make really does matter!

October is Vegetarian Awareness Month!

Studies show that over 7.3 million Americans are already vegetarians and having been one of those people eating vegetarian for over a year now, I love the way I feel eating a mostly plant-based diet. The health benefits are proven and worthwhile: a vegetarian diet is associated with low blood pressure and cholesterol, better heart health and even lower rates of cancer. Who wouldn’t want these positive things for their body?!  It’s not always easy and takes more planning to create well-balanced, healthy meals, especially around holidays and parties, but I know I am treating my body, millions of animals and the environment with respect and love. There are so many alternatives to eating meat, you just have to approach the way you consume food differently.

Often times the cruel treatment of animals in grotesque living conditions is enough to deter people from eating meat. Everyone needs to eat food but the impacts on saving our environment are profound when going meatless. It takes many, many more acres and resources to raise and feed cattle than it does to produce crops for food. The livestock industry is a major player in our environment destruction, responsible for 18% of greenhouse gas emissions and accounting for over 8% of global human water use. The easiest way to start is just to start! Look up recipes that sound good to your tastes and maybe begin by participating in Meatless Monday for a few weeks. I really feel you will find it easier than you think!

Fair Trade Online Resources:

Vegetarian Online Resources:


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