Invisible River

My reading taste is usually varied between all sort of types of books depending on what type of mood I am in: fictional novels, inspirational reading, real-life stories, autobiographies and educational books.

I recently finished reading a fictional novel called “Invisible River” by Helena McEwen, and it started a bit slow for me, as I had to get used to the author’s story telling style, but that was eventually what I began to love about the book. McEwen uses color and art as descriptions in a story about love, friendship, grief and life. Her style painted a picture of the main character, Evie’s life and she describes her world in terms of color, tones and vibrancy.

I was able to feel her passion and love for art displayed in the book’s expressive writing and it was painted words and descriptive imagery at its best. Having studied studio art myself, this quality drew me into the world of art and color and had me captivated, but I’m not sure those unfamiliar with the art process would feel the same.

While this book wasn’t entirely earth-changing for me, there was the smallest of snippets that explained the meaning of the title, which is my favorite part.  Every running river has an invisible river surrounding it; a mini eco-system that feeds life into the real river’s flow and keeps it alive and balanced. People have their own personal invisible rivers surrounding them that flows energy and life into our souls. We bring people, events, feelings and experiences into our lives and we become what we surround ourselves with. Everything that touches us changes and affects who we are and how we think. No river or person can survive on its own without being touched by our environments.

What or who is a part of your own invisible river? What types of things have your surrounded yourself with? What feeds your soul and keeps your life flowing?


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