I am inspired! I’ve seen a few bloggers write about projects where they take a photograph every day for one year and share what settings or techniques they are using on their blog. Now that I’ve learned so much about photography and my Nikon camera, I want to challenge myself to take on my own “PhotoProject/365.”

As I have mentioned before, I am in the middle of a 12-week photography class with the Cleveland Photographic Society and this challenge will force me to think about and practice one of my favorite hobbies on a daily basis!  Way too often, my wonderful DSLR will sit on the shelf for days collecting dust and I may take it out on the weekends, for a special event or a family party.  By doing that, I feel I am missing the small moments in life because beautiful things that happen around us every day.

Stay tuned for Photo #1 of PhotoProject/365 later today!


6 thoughts on “PhotoProject/365

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