The Elephant = Big Love

The elephant is “the beast which passeth all others in wit and mind.” –Aristotle

I have been slightly obsessed with elephants lately. My husband and I saw a documentary on Asian elephants at the iMax theater at the Great Lakes Science Center last spring called “Born to be Wild” and something about their enormous beauty and grace has stuck with me.  Elephants are seen a symbol of wisdom and are known for their memory and intelligence.  A wide variety of behaviors associated with intelligence have been attributed to elephants, including those associated with grief, making music, art, play, compassion and self-awareness. My favorite images are those of a mother elephant with her calf – so sweet and full of a pure love.

We were there for the opening of the African Elephant Crossing at the Cleveland Zoo and I always have the urge to reach up and feel the elephants as they pass right of front of me, as if they are going to embark some sort of knowledge or secret by mere touch. We are rearranging our house and my daughter is getting a new bedroom so I could not help myself – we are decorating it in elephants! I cannot get enough of little elephant charms, jewelry, planters and trinkets!


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