What Color is Your Grass?

I love and I hate trying new things. It’s always scary trying something new, especially by myself. I always feel a bit intimidated, like everyone is watching me and secretly know that I am doing something I’ve never done before. And there’s always a chance that I might be completely awful at it or just outright hate it, and then my time and/or money investment is wasted. Yet, at the same time, trying something out of my comfort zone is exciting and challenging. It makes me feel adventurous and free. Like I’m really living. Like I can take on anything.

That’s the thing about life. New chances come into our lives, whether it be a hobby or professionally opportunity, and it may be easy to take on the “grass is greener on the other side”  mentality. How do we know if that opportunity may be the perfect chance with the perfect timing or are we idealizing the unknown? Maybe we think that our lives will be that much better if we just got a new job or bought a new car or had to get the latest designer purse or latest trendy hair color. It’s always the next, new thing that will make us complete, make us happy. We may never stop and think, how can I be happy in this moment simply with what I have?

I do believe in taking chances. It’s impossible to evolve without change. It’s important to pay attention to timing and signs because God has a master plan. We need to be present in the moment and stay attuned to the things happening around us. It’s not as easy as it sounds because life is full of distractions that lead us astray from what we really should be doing with our gifts. When something new presents itself, I always have to stop and think, is this appealing because it’s new and exciting or is this where I am meant to be? I tend to have this feeling that I will regret the chances I didn’t take more often than than I regret the ones I did take.

I am constantly looking for my calling  and purpose. What am I suppose to be doing with my life? Am I missing important opportunities and signs? What are my strengths and passions? How can I contribute to this world with my talents? Am I happy with what I have? I don’t think there are any perfect answers to these questions. It’s a journey for self-discovery.


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