Big Miracle

When my husband and I go to the rent a movie, it’s always a little contest between us. Each of us is allowed to pick one movie, absolutely any movie of our choice, and we watch both movies together, no matter what the choices are. My husband tends to pick action-packed testosterone-filled thrillers, while I am usually drawn to unknown Indie movies neither of us have ever heard of, causing him to always roll his eyes at me. Then we have a contest to see whose pick was the better movie and we each usually say our own, of course.

But this weekend my husband surprised me with his choice – “Big Miracle” – a movie that has been on my own list for a while. It was one of the best movies and stories I have watched in a long time. As people who obsessively watch every episode of Whale Wars on the Animal Planet, we both have an appreciation and understanding of the importance of protecting and saving the whale population.

Inspired by a true events, this fantastic story takes place in Point Barrow, Alaska in 1988 and revolves around 3 California gray whales that are trapped in a small breathing hole in under the Arctic Circle ice. It is 5 miles to the ice ridge and freedom, too long of a journey for the whales to make without breathing. To further complicate it, the baby whale, Bam Bam, is sick with pneumonia and deteriorating rapidly. The outside temperatures are dropping quickly, freezing the breathing hole at an alarming rate.  The story was covered by a small-town reporter that made national and eventually international headlines. Media and outsiders from around the world come together in efforts to save these whales and the story proceeds from there (I don’t want to give any spoilers away!).

My favorite character is played by Drew Barrymore, a tree-hugging Greenpeace volunteer who does everything she can to save these whales, organizing rescue plants with politicians, the local tribe, members of the media and big oil company players. I love her passion, her determination to never give-up,  even when they think they’ve reached the end.  Characters like hers always, despite being fictional, make me wistful and hopeful,  leaving me feeling I should be doing something different in my life. Something that stirs up incredible, passionate feelings inside and makes me always want more.

It’s a wholesome, inspiring story for movie-goers of any age and I recommend it for anyone’s must-see list! I think my husband definitely won this weekend’s movie battle.

 Live green, love green,

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