Can I get a Rain Dance, Please?

It’s more than half-way through the summer season and I have an eco-friendly product review for anyone considering purchasing a rain barrel for their home!  I received an Earth Minded rain barrel earlier this winter for my birthday and by the time my husband installed it, it was the middle of May. We had to wait for the snow and ice to leave us for good, and in Ohio, you never know when that will be exactly. It’s been uncharacteristically dry this year and my husband jokes that only I would get a rain barrel for one of the driest summers in all of Cleveland history.  How was I to know?

Regardless of Mother Nature’s dry spell, it has provided plenty of benefits to our little container garden and patio vegetation and I love it! It’s a 60-gallon tan barrel and it honestly doesn’t take much precipitation to fill the barrel up. One rainy afternoon will pretty much do it and I almost want a second barrel for the opposite side of the house to collect that wasted rainfall. We decided to put ours on the backyard patio, as it offered a stable, flat surface for the barrel. The installation took my husband about an hour, as he had to study the instructions, drill a circular hole in our gutter, screw the connection house into the gutter and into the barrel and set-up the spicket unit. Easy peasy. We flipped the top cover of the barrel over and placed large potted petunias on the top, making it a decorative piece on our patio.

It has a convenient spicket about 2/3 of the way down for either hooking a hose to (which is what we did) or fill up a watering pot. The only problem I have with the hose attachment is the water pressure obviously isn’t great, so it’s not really a water shower but rather a steady trickle-stream, which only means it takes a bit longer to water my garden and flowers than it would if I used the regular house. I also don’t like that once the water level inside the barrel reaches below the spicket line, you can’t use the hose until it fills back up again, so there is always a foot or two of unusable water sitting at the bottom of the barrel. This wouldn’t be such a concern if we  got a more regular rain fall, but it’s something I quickly noticed this year.

Overall, I love my rain barrel and I want a second one. We haven’t had any mechanical problems with the particular barrel we bought and the design fits well with my outdoor decor. It was easy to install and seems like a quality product. It feels good knowing that I am watering my organic veggies with cleaner, more chemical-free water that is recycled – and it’s not costing me a penny!  Now we just need to do a rain dance to the gods of Cleveland weather.

Live green, love green,

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