Energy + Attitude

Goodness, it’s been forever, hasn’t it?! I have basically been m.i.a. from life these past couple of months. Besides my twin sister getting married, being her maid of honor and having wedding hoopla consume my life, my husband and I found out in April that we are expecting our second child early this winter!

Unlike with my daughter, whom I was physically sick with all day every day (it was miserable), this pregnancy has been fairly mild; although, I have had my fair share of nausea. My memories of this May and June are of pure exhaustion and laying flat on my back on the couch. It is amazing how pregnancy can literally suck the energy and life right out of you. Baby is consuming everything I have, leaving little room for myself. I have had zero ounces of inspiration, creativity or motivation – hence the large absence from pretty much everything I usually enjoy.

Luckily, at 18 weeks along, I have turned a corner and slowly my energy and appetite have returned. Comparing the two pregnancies, it’s funny how my mind frame has changed in just over a year’s span. The first time around, I was so excited to be pregnant, to have a baby bump as soon as possible and start wearing my new maternity wardrobe. I worried about every little thing I ate and did. I couldn’t wait to be large and glowing. This time around, I almost feel like an old pro at this whole pregnancy thing. I loathe even pulling out my maternity clothes, clothes that I had come to despise by the end of my last pregnancy. I am barely showing so I am making my regular wardrobe work for as long as possible and while I do worry about everything I eat and do, I know better than to worry about things that are completely out of my control.

I have always been good controlling my attitude and keeping a sunny outlook on life. One thing that kept me rested and focused during both of my pregnancies has been prenatal yoga, especially at the end of a long day of either chasing my high-energy toddler around our home or sitting stiffly at my desk at work. It’s such a gentle workout for expecting moms, with lots of stretching for sore backs and hips but plenty of chances to feel like you had a real workout without being over-the-top strenuous. I am always in a better place with more energy after dedicating an hour to my health, and I feel more connected and in tune with the little baby growing inside me – a wonderful and peaceful feeling.

Now is the busy task of rearranging our bedrooms and preparing for Baby. Like my daughter, we are not finding out what we are having. It was the best surprise of my life and I am so looking forward to experiencing that moment again. As a co-worker once advised me, “There are very few surprises in life and this is one of them. Keep it a surprise.” And I couldn’t agree more! Luckily I have all gender-neutral stuff so it’s just a matter of getting my daughter’s new “big girl room” ready and creating an office/playroom space out of our spare room – all very creative, fun house projects, my favorite kind!

Lots of energy will be needed for these next 22 weeks and all that is in store. I am focused on keeping my life simple and approach these changes with a stress-free attitude!




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