Caribou Coffee

The ladies at work and I went to Caribou Coffee on our lunch break for a warm drink to counter today’s chilly weather. A little green frog greeted us at the door and the message on the poster caught my attention. Caribou Coffee is the first major coffeehouse in the U.S.  to serve 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee and espresso – love! I also love their recycling initiative with cups and coffee sleeves – or even better, the cute reusable coffee sweaters they offer.

While I am not a coffee drinker, I love the fact one of my favorite coffee shops is making huge efforts to be sustainable and environmentally-friendly. The coffee industry is one of the most abused, exploited and underpaid networks world-wide and to see efforts from Fair Trade and Rainforest Alliance Certified groups seeping into mainstream America is fantastic!

According to the Caribou Coffee website, there are 5 great reasons to be Rainforest Alliance Certified:

  1. Water Conservation – RAC farms are integral to regional water conservation initiatives. This includes reducing water usage, monitoring water quality, treating waste water and preventing contamination.
  2. Sustainable Farming – RAC provides farmers with tools and techniques to manage their land sustainably by teaching them to reduce and recycle waste, improve growing and harvesting methods, adopt safe working conditions, and develop more efficient farming practices.
  3. Protection for Forests & Wildlife – For more than 2 decades, the RAC has helped farmers become better environmental stewards. By committing to practices that promote reforestation, conserve vegetation, and protect critical wildlife habitats, they help to ensure the future of the land they cultivate.
  4. Coffee Quality – By choosing 100% RAC Carbiou Coffee, you can help protect the rainforest and secure the livelihoods of people who call these areas home.
  5. Thriving Communities – RAC can also promote the strength and vitality of coffee-growing communities. Workers on certified farms enjoy respectable wages and safe working conditions, while their families have access to housing, health-care, and education.

The next time you need a hot drink to warm you up, make an extra effort to support Caribou and go green!

Live green, love green,

3 thoughts on “Caribou Coffee

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  2. “The coffee industry is one of the most abused, exploited and underpaid networks world-wide” yes, and guess who also gets exploited, abused and is underpaid? Caribou employes! Also, Caribou stores have no recycling policy. Don’t be fooled by the charade.

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