Birthday Breakfast Surprises

Today is my husband’s birthday and I wanted something extra special for him to wake up to! I would have loved to set this up outside but seeing that it’s near freezing and rainy today, a quiet corner in our barely-used spare bedroom did just fine.

The nicest thing about the whole set-up is I owned pretty much all the supplies so it was quite easy to put together – a quilt blanket and white string lights, some candles and comfy pillows, paper lanterns and balloons. I did purchase fresh flowers and his favorite breakfast foods – fruit, peanut-butter cookies and a local bakery delicacy, snoogles, washed down with chocolate milk. I made the hanging flags, which are my favorite part about the space.

With a little bit of piano music playing in the background, it was the perfect atmosphere. The space is so peaceful and relaxing that I think I am going to keep it set-up and use it as my own personal retreat, to write, read or just be.


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