A Concrete Jungle

On my way to work, an entire strip of land was recently deforested, maybe hundreds of acres of trees chopped down…to build 2 car dealerships. Really? How can we possibly need more car dealerships? Right around the corner, developers are getting ready to clear another strip of forest…for another shopping center. What more to people want? How can what we have not be enough?

I loathe seeing new construction. It makes me so mad to see so much of this earth’s beauty destroyed for man’s greed. There is a reason God created our world so beautiful – He knows best. The most wondrous, awesome things in life are by His hand and why would man think he has the right or know-how to rearrange what God so perfectly created? Just because we can is not an excuse. Maybe that is one of the great problems in our world – the human spirit has lost touch with the natural world and we suffer because of it. We have become selfish, mean, greedy and careless.

We are living in a concrete jungle, it is every where you look.  Concrete is ugly. I often feel claustrophobic being surrounded by buildings and sidewalks. It makes me anxious and antsy, like I’m suffocating.  I am one of those people who needs regular doses of greenery to make me feel alive and sane. I love the smell of fresh air and when I find myself cranky or upset, a walk outside clears my mind. I find grass comforting between my toes. It’s soft, growing, warm, alive and it instantly relaxes me. Nature is the key to many of our problems. We just need to wake up and smell the fresh air.


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