Live Simply so that Others May Simply Live

Living more simply has been a goal of mine for years. It has taking on different meanings as I have grown and right now, living more simply means needing less to live a more full life. Being satisfied with that I have and not needing material things to make myself happy. To walk amongst trees and feel alive and at peace.  To know the most important things in my life are people and experiences – not possessions. To be aware of the greater world around me and conscious of how my every decision affects people everywhere. To understand that our over-consuming ways is destroying our environment and communities. People are dying of obesity in America while the rest of the world starves to death.

I know it’s not something that will ever be fully reached – there will always be a way to par down, to remove clutter, to simplify my life everyday. I would love to have the freedom to get up and go with a backpack of a few necessities and just wander. But I can try, in small ways and in big ways, to live simply. I am more grateful and a better giver. It leaves more room in life for love and selflessness when I am not always worried about me.

What does it mean for you to live more simply?

Live green, love green,


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