Project Rain Barrel

Tonight my husband and I are figuring out how to set-up my rain barrel that he gave to me as a birthday gift earlier this winter. Rain barrels are basically large containers that catch water flowing from your gutters and reduce the amount of storm water runoff by collecting roof runoff and storing the water for future use. The great thing about rain barrels is they come in a variety of styles and can even be homemade, and they don’t have to be anything expensive or fancy to get the job done.

We live in a world where water shortage is a growing concern everywhere (almost 2/3 of the world’s population will experience water shortage by 2025), so if installing our rain barrel helps even the smallest amount, I am happy. While I am under no illusions it will save us huge amounts of money on our water bill (which it actually may), there are plenty of great benefits and uses for a rain barrel, my favorite being the beautiful environment!

  • For every inch of rain that falls on a square foot of your roof, you can receive just over half a gallon of water –  that can add up really quickly!
  • Residential water use increases 40-50% during summer months mostly due to outdoor water use and a rain barrel can save up to 1,300 gallons of water during peak summer months
  • They can reduce water pollution by reducing stormwater runoff, which can contain pollutants like sediment, oil, grease, bacteria and nutrients
  • Rainwater is relatively pure stuff because the process of evaporation leaves chemicals behind
  • The water is great for washing your car, watering your vegetable and flower gardens, watering your lawn and some even use it for indoor purpose (flushing toilets, washing clothes)
  • The water you store is FREE!

We are hoping the set-up is as easy as it looks. I will keep you posted!

Live green, love green,


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