How Does Your Garden Grow?

My husband and I recently fenced in our backyard this past autumn and while we do have a patio out there, it is a relatively flat and plain open space. We spent a large portion of our afternoon yesterday prepping our beds and planning out how we want our yard to look and I am getting very excited! We are starting the project next weekend and of course, that only got me thinking and planning every nook and cranny.

We are not exactly agreeing on the “feel” of the yard.  My husband prefers a more manicured, mulched look with distinct raised beds and symmetry. I, on the contrary, am drawn to a more natural feel, with lots of flowers and cobblestone walkways.  Actually, if I had my choice, my whole yard would be hydrangeas, but he wants a little more diversity. I want it to feel like our new home was plopped down right in the middle of an uninterrupted green oasis that has been there for decades.

The yard faces the hot, setting sun all afternoon/evening with no shade or relief so  trees are  a must. We have a large, comfy hammock that we love and want to incorporate into our plans and my husband is planning some sort of water feature that he is building himself. I would also like a large swing, but I know I need a tree large and sturdy enough to use. I asked my husband to find me a 400-year-old oak tree with Spanish moss that we saw in North Carolina, please. A challenge I know I am going to face is I want it done now and I want it to look flourishing and filled-in this summer, which if anyone knows plants knows that type of look will take years to accomplish. I have little patience when it comes to home projects, something I am constantly working  on.

Here are some inspirations! Happy planting!

Live green, love green,


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