It is Simply Life

I think I confused myself. I have been blogging years now and I always had this idea in my head that blogs need to be very focused and generally about one topic. I originally started an art & photography blog in 2009 where I shared my projects and other cool art ideas I found. As I started becoming more interested this past year in our environment and more earth-oriented things, I started a fresh blog about my new interest and have been writing fairly often on it since.

And then I realized that a blog doesn’t have to concentrate on one sole topic alone (at least not the kind I want) – how boring that would be! It should have focus and consistency, I agree, but no person is one-dimensional and certainly not me! Have you ever met a person who is interest only in one thing their whole life? I blog for one reason – I simply enjoy it. Even if no one else ever reads what I post, I enjoy writing and sharing. And my interests are wide and diverse and some have more depth than others. Why would I try to force everything I love into one tiny confined box by labeling my blog? I was definitely over-thinking it.

I am giving up writing on multiple blogs that focus on solely a single thing. I have taken the best of my blogs and combined them here.  I will be writing about whatever I like – life, fashion, my faith, art projects I am working on, the environment, my travels – something I think I’ve been to afraid to do in the past. Maybe I haven’t had the courage to put everything out there in one place, maybe I was too afraid to be judge or have my words misinterpreted. But by who? And why should I even care? I am not trying to impress anyone. Life is not a competition or a race. It is simply life.


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