An Earthy-Happy Makeover

I have been wanting to re-do my living room/kitchen space for a good year now but haven’t.  We have only been living in our home for 4 years, so all of our furniture is fairly new (in terms of furniture longevity) and in good shape, but my personal style has evolved and grown and what I have in my home no longer matches what I want and that’s no good. The space is large, wide open and is really the heartbeat of my home. It’s where we spend the majority of our awake hours and where our entertainment happens.  My home is my sanctuary, a place of retreat and love. I want something that when I walk through my door after a day at work I can feel comfortable, relaxed and most importantly, peaceful.

Pretty much the whole combination bothers me, which is funny because I picked everything out. The fun, exciting cranberry red and gold on the walls no longer cuts it. Red is a lively, energetic color and the artsy-side of me 4 years ago was in love with it. Pair that with the black, heavy furniture and window coverings and I feel like I’m living in a cave…and it’s driving me nuts. I very much dislike the builder’s carpet on our floors, but putting bamboo flooring down is a whole other project. My husband ask me to wait 3-5 years to get new flooring, which is reasonable with a toddler, and I first thought I’d wait to re-do the space until then. But then I thought, why would I live 3-5 years in a space that totally bugs me?

What I struggle with is this: everything is on the newer side and we did spend quite a bit of money getting the room to the place it is now; so how do I re-do it without creating huge amounts of waste? Or my husband’s bigger concern, spending huge amounts money? I want to tackle this project with the lowest environmental impact I can manage. Do I try to re-purpose the couches with covers and new pillows? Do I donate the unwanted decorations for a good cause? Do I try to sell things in a garage sale to earn some of it back?

And then there’s the question my husband keeps asking – how will I know what I like now won’t change in another 5 years again? My answer is simple – it will. My style and the things I like are always changing. Every experience I have, books I read, projects at work, having babies, places I travel – everything affects who I am and it would be impossible for me NOT to change in the next 5 years. That’s one of the perks of owning a home. I’m allowed to change my mind.

My Pinterst has been very helpful in my figuring out what exactly I want. I have always known who I am NOT. I am not modern. I am not traditional. I am not country. I am not Victorian. I am not boring. I have always been more creative and artsy and 4 years ago I thought that meant putting bright colors everywhere. I love color, but I now know that it’s about the right color. Pinterest has allowed me to easily sort through thousands of design ideas to find what I do like.  I like feminine things, blushes, ivories, mints. I like things that feel organic, earthy and natural. I like the color green. I like hydrangeas and reclaimed wood. I like white kitchens and fireplaces.  I like houseplants and natural light. I like beading and sequins.  I love southern décor. So my last problem to solve is how to decorate my home and not make it feel too girly. Everything I love seems so feminine and whimsical and my husband is definitely a man. I will need to go slowly and find exactly the right pieces to create the airy, natural, homey feel I want – which will be a challenge as I am a control freak and want things done immediately.

Normally I would dive right in and start making changes, which completely annoys my husband. In order to get him on my side in support,  my next step is to come up with a plan – a cost-effective, earth-happy plan that will satisfy both my husband and me. What am I going to buy vs what will I re-purpose? What can I get at a thrift store? What is my color palette and what is my budget? Stay tuned!

Live green, love green,


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