A Season of Green

Not only was it recently the holiday season, but this week was also my birthday, all which means a bunch of gift-giving…and gift-receiving.  While I politely told my family that I was trying to scale down my possessions and de-clutter my home so I didn’t want anything – they, of course, couldn’t help themselves. They did, however, keep my “green” interests at heart and did an awesome job this year!

One of my favorite gifts was from my husband. He listens so well when I told him I’d rather have him spend money on experiences instead of things. He gave me a gift certificate to a local kayaking company that I can use on lessons or trips. Being on the Lake Erie coast, they offer really great half-day or day trips down the Cleveland coast or along the Lake Erie Islands. I am SO looking forward to this! Not only is this a chance to get active outdoors in a fun, healthy way, but I get to share this with my husband and create life experiences with him – exactly what I am looking for.

He also gave me a rain barrel for my birthday, which has been on my Amazon Wishlist for over a year now. Every summer I plant a small patio container garden with vegetables and now that we have fenced in our yard, I am planning a full-blow garden in my yard. I am so excited to use recycled rainwater for this rather than all the harsh chemicals from the tap. My sister also bought me a countertop composter for our nitrogen-based food scraps to use as natural fertilizer for my garden.

My parents gave me really beautiful pair of jade green Fair Trade earrings and A Green Guide – a comprehensive guide to living a more green life and alternatives to the everyday products we all use. I also received Jane Goodall’s “Harvest for Hope” book, which is her perspective on the global food industry. Being a vegetarian and a huge fan of hers, I am looking forward to Jane’s book and pretty sure that her opinions and facts will reaffirm my decision (as it was partly her fault that I am a vegetarian to begin with!).

Also on my Amazon Wishlist was a bonsai plant. I love live greenery in my house and this little tree just looked so cool and zen. My sister went a step further and actually bought me a bonsai plant workshop at our local Metropark’s conservatory.  It’s a 2-hours class that teaches how to take care of and trim a bonsai with the proper tools. Bonus – I get to adopt the plant and take it home with me.

Yes, all of this sounds like a lot of gift-receiving and over abundance – and it sure was. I am completely overwhelmed. For someone who wanted nothing, I received plenty. I have a large family and I am so grateful that they know me well enough to get me such thoughtful presents. I am looking forward to the sharing these experiences and using their gifts to live a greener, more earth-happy life in 2012.

Live green. Love green,


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