Green Love – a history

While I was pregnant with my first baby last summer, I become very conscious of what I was putting into my body knowing my growing baby directly consumed what I consumed. Organic, fresh, whole – these words took on a brand new meaning for me. I also became very aware of what type of products I purchased for Baby. All natural, 100% organic cottons, recycled – these words became a sort of obsession for me as I tried my hardest to give Baby the very best I could. Along the way, I learned more about these “buzz” words, what they really mean and the type of impact they have on our environment. And that is where my general interest for our environment quickly turned into a passion for me.

As a new mother, the condition of our planet, the way we treat the wonderful nature God has blessed us with became a serious concern for me. If I wanted to give Baby the very best I could, didn’t that also mean securing the best world I can for her to grow up in? I want her to be able to enjoy our Metroparks, hike the Rocky Mountains, visit Niagara Falls, take her kids to swim in a clean Lake Erie. The more I learned, the more frightened I became. Our world is deteriorating at an alarming rate. Millions of acres of forests are being destroyed to support our (mostly American) over-consuming, wasteful habits. Landfills are brimming to the top with trash and often times items that people are just too lazy to recycle.

So what can I do about this to guarantee my children a clean, beautiful world? I am only one person in a world of 8 billion, but I knew it was important enough to me to try. At the very least, I had to do my own personal part at home. As I looked for ways to contribute, change my own habits and get involved, I also found a plethora of resources, powerful statistics and great information that I want to share with as many people who will listen. I do know what it feels like to not really care, to be totally self-absorbed and unaware of the greater world around me – I was there 2 years ago. But I also know how it feels to find what our world has come to, like I was once living in the dark. And once I saw the light, there is no turning back.

So this blog is a place to share my stories, experiences and great resources I come across. It is my own personal journey to live in harmony with nature.

Live green. Love green.
– Katherine

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