Fair Trade: The Power of the Consumer

Fair Trade USAThe American consumer has so much power. Every time we go to the store, we can vote with our dollars for a better world. We are facing such huge global challenges today: poverty, climate change, environmental degradation. Americans are not indifferent to those problems; they just don’t know how to make a difference. We feel so powerless in our lives in the face of these huge global problems.

The old approaches, were there is government intervention, government legislation or international development aid charities – they’re not working fast enough. So we have to harness the power of the market and we have to get consumers involved. It seems to me that Fair Trade is empowering consumers to make a difference with every cup of coffee, with every bar of chocolate, with every banana we eat. We can actually life people out of poverty. We can help preserve the land. We can make a difference

People in this country increasingly want better-tasting products and healthier products. Guess what? There is a very direct connection between the money a farmer gets for his or her harvest and that farmer’s ability to produce a healthier, higher quality product. That’s a win-win, right?  It’s a win for the farmer, it’s a win for the consumer that’s looking for a better-tasting, healthier product. -Paul Rice, Fair Trade USA


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