The Quiet Place

The Quiet PlaceI came across this website The Quiet Place yesterday and I can’t help but share it. Everyone should take a couple minutes each day to spend in quiet reflection by yourself and focus on what is important in your life. Do it before you even get out of bed or maybe after you take a warm shower.

What are your goals for the day? How are you going to make a difference today? How are you going to spend time doing things that are important to you? There are a million distractions in the world that deter us from what we should really be focusing on. Often we are so concerned with what others think of us that we forget that life is not a competition. There are no winners or finish line. We need to do the best with what we have and the talents we are given and stop the comparisons and jealousy.  We each need to live our lives for ourselves and remember we are only here for 80–90 years and this is the only life we have.

Make today a great one friends!

Photo Credit: K嘛


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